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RELEASE - (April 20, 2015) -

Iqaluit Beer and Wine Store Plebiscite Results

YES Votes 1126
NO Votes 326

Polling Station



Rejected Ballots

Total Votes

Total Voters on list

Advance Vote 129 41 1 171 3658
A - B 150 39 0 189
C - F 133 20 2 155
G - J 130 41 0 171
K - L 139 43 4 186
M - N 155 65 1 221
O - R 122 45 2 169
S - Z 168 32 0 200
Total Votes 1126 326 10 1462

RANKIN INLET, Nunavut  - (March20, 2015)  –.

On April 20th, voters in Iqaluit will express their opinion about the establishment of a beer and wine store. An advance poll will be held from April 13-17.  Voters with mobility issues can cast a ballot at the mobile poll on the morning of April 13.

Flyers with detailed information about the proposed store are in the mail to each Iqaluit post office box.  Notices have been posted for the public.

Voters will mark their ballot 'Yes' or 'No' to the following question: "Are you in favour of a beer and wine store opening in the City of Iqaluit?"

To vote at this plebiscite you must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age by April 20, a Nunavut resident for the past 12 months by April 20 and currently a resident of Iqaluit. Register to vote or update your address or other registration information at the Returning Office from 12-7pm each day.

Tania Scott, the Returning Officer for the plebiscite has established an office at the BRCC (Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce) building #607.

For details about the proposed Beer and Wine store see the Public Notice.

For general information about plebiscites see Plebiscites Legislation and Documents.

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